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Take Control of your Health Data.

Store, share and access your health data in a safe and simple way. Gesundheitscloud lets you control which healthcare providers, medical institutions or apps can access your medical and vital data. Take control and manage your own health.

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Manage Your Health in Four Steps

Non-profit Gesundheitscloud enables you to take control of your health data in four easy steps:


Via the Gesundheitscloud WebApp, import your healthcare data from your other apps or directly from your healthcare provider.

Securely Store

Store your health data online with the highest safety and security standards. We provide end-to-end encryption in full compliance with GDPR. You will have access to your health data whenever and wherever, securely.


Once collected, your data is yours to keep. The more you add, the more you own, the more you can manage your health data and understand what’s going on.


Whether it be with your healthcare provider or a family member, share your health data with those who can help you the most. You decide where your data is shared.

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Join Us and Make a Difference

Are you a healthcare provider?

Do you want to get medical data out of silos and directly to your patients? Help us digitalize healthcare so you can better communicate and treat your patients effectively.

Are you a health tech provider or developer?

Do you want to revolutionize the healthcare sector leveraging a state-of-the-art infrastructure?
Become part of an innovative health IT community. Let’s talk!

Are you committed to spearheading medical research?

And dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology to excel in personalized medicine and human data science? Then partner with us at Gesundheitscloud.

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The Founders

Want to realize the next generation health ecosystem with us?

Gesundheitscloud is a thriving space where you can plant ideas and grow solutions. Find your opportunity to work with us or be a participant in our forward-thinking “Future Entrepreneurs Program”.

The Founders

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