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We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on human health. We believe in the power of human data science and the people who create it. We provide a user-centered infrastructure for integrated healthcare. Our aim is to improve personalized healthcare and patient’s control over their own information.

Want to revolutionize healthcare with us?

Our diverse team is inclusive, dedicated, and has strong work ethics. We all share the vision of improving health worldwide.

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The Founders

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship, health tech and making a difference?

Join our exclusive “Future Entrepreneurs Program” and become an integral part of a cross-functional task force working on a real-life project in the context of Digital Health.

The Founders

We have strong values – do you?

Improve Health

We are creating a platform that people will use to improve health. Technology and data are tools we use to achieve this, not the objective.

Create Trust & Respect Privacy

We are doing this to empower people and give them control of their data, not for profit. Honesty, transparency and quality support trust.

Be Authentic & Credible

We communicate and act with integrity. Trustworthiness and coherence make us credible.
As well as staying healthy ourselves. We walk the talk.

Seek Truth

There are no stupid questions. If something is not clear, ask. Always challenge assumptions and dare to disagree.
Constructive conflict fuels our ideas.
We continuously challenge, iterate & improve.

Make It Happen

We are straightforward and pragmatic. We are goal-oriented and deliver by focusing on solutions.
We are accessible and open across teams and hierarchies.
At the end of the day, we get things done.

Grow Together

We work better in cooperation, leave your personal ambitions aside. We foster an open, continuous and honest feedback culture.
We share knowledge with peers & cultivate collaboration through respect and appreciation.

Embrace Diversity

Gesundheitscloud is a multiethnic, multi-religious, gender diverse workplace.
We accept, respect and protect our differences. Diversity is an asset.


Gesundheitscloud offices are located on the extended campus of the HPI Digital Health Center (DHC) in Potsdam outside Berlin. The team at Gesundheitscloud is an integrated part of this digital hub that brings together individuals and partners from academia, the public and private sector and from across different disciplines – such as health sciences, human sciences, data sciences, digital engineering and society. We share the goal to empower patients and to transform healthcare with innovative digital health solutions.

The Founders

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Caroline Knapczyk

Human Resources

The Founders

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